The Miscellaneous menu is only available to users with Global Administrator Access Rights.

The Miscellaneous menu options are explained in the following procedures:

Notifying IKAN ALM Users

This option allows sending e-mail messages to other IKAN ALM users from within IKAN ALM.

This makes it possible, for example, to send a warning to connected users, or to notify users belonging to a certain User Group that some settings have been changed. It is also a mean to test the Mail settings specified under System Settings.

  1. In the Global Administration context, select Miscellaneous > Notify IKAN ALM Users.

    The following screen is displayed:

    GlobAdmin Miscellaneous NotifyUsers

    The following fields are available:

    Field Meaning


    Select whether you want to send your message to the connected IKAN ALM Users, to the members of a specific User Group or to all IKAN ALM Users.

    Specific User Group

    If you send your message to a specific User Group, select the required User Group from the drop-down list.

    If you do not send your message to a specific User Group, leave this field blank.


    Enter a Subject description in this field.


    Enter the message body text in this field.

  2. Make the required selections and enter your message. Then click Send Mail.

    The IKAN ALM Users matching your selection will receive your message. The SMTP From User defined in the System Settings will be marked as the Sender of the message.

    You can also click the Reset button to clear the fields.