History and Event Logging

All create, update and delete operations of Project and Global Administration objects and components are logged in the IKAN ALM Database.

To display the History Log of those operations, you can use the history icon (or history History link) which is available on all Overview screens as well as on some of the edit screens, like the System Settings screen or the Edit Level screen.

Delete operations that lead to cascaded deletions are only logged for the aggregate component.

For example: when deleting a Project, only the deletion of the Project is logged, and not the deletion of the associated Project Streams, Lifecycles, Levels, Build and Deploy Environments, …​

  1. Switch to the appropriate Overview screen.

    For more information on how to switch to an Overview screen, refer to the specific section.

    A screen similar to this one will appear.

    History OverviewScreen
  2. Click the history History link, underneath the Overview, to display the History View screen.

    As there is no Overview screen for system settings, the History link for the system settings is available on the System Settings screen itself.

    A screen similar to the one below will be displayed:

    History Versions

    It contains the following sections:

    • The Current State Panel displaying the current state of the Object

    • A subpanel allowing you to limit the number of versions to a specific Object Type.

      This subpanel is only available for object types having an association (like Users or User Groups in System Settings, Levels and Lifecycles in Project Administration) or for fine grained object types whose history is shown in their aggregate object type (like Build Parameters, whose history are shown with the Build Environment).

    • The Versions Panel

  3. Restrict the list of items displayed on the Versions panel.

    For certain objects, a subpanel to restrict the number of displayed items is available.

    Specify the required selection criteria and click the Search button.

    The following table lists the different selection options per object type:

    Object Type Available Selection Criteria

    Build Environment

    Build Environments

    Build Environment Phases

    Build Parameters

    Deploy Environment

    Deploy Environments

    Deploy Environment Phases

    Deploy Parameters



    Level Environment Phases

    Lifecycle Associations

    Pre-Approval User Group Associations

    Post-Approval User Group Associations



    Lifecycle Associations



    Machine Parameters



    Modified Files

    Package Build Groups

    Package Build Groups

    Package Build Group Associations



    Phase Parameters

    Project Streams

    Project Streams

    Parent Dependencies

    Child Dependencies



    User Group Associations

    User Group

    User Groups

    User Associations

    Nested User Group Associations

  4. Verify the information on the Versions panel.

    Underneath the Current State panel, the Versions panel displays the list of modifications that have been made to the object, or to associated objects. The first non-association version in the list should always have the same state as the current state of the object.

    It is possible that the Versions panel is empty or does not list all previous versions. Objects created during the installation process will not have a Create Version. Objects created or modified before the SCM4ALL 4.3 Release will not have an event log in the IKAN ALM database.

    The following information fields are available:

    Field Description


    The version the object had at the moment the modification was saved.

    [Object OID]

    The OID number of the object (only visible for Levels, Build Environments and Deploy Environments).


    The name of the Environment or the Parameter (only visible for Build and Deploy Environments and their parameters).

    [Object type]

    The type of the object that was modified (only visible for object types that have an association).

    [Level Name]

    The name of the Level (only visible for Lifecycles).

    Modification Date

    The date/time the modification was saved.

    Modification Type

    The modification type can be one of the following:

    • Create

      The object was created

    • Update

      The object was updated

    • Add (for an association type)

      The association has been added

    • Remove (for an association type)

      The association has been removed

    • Modified Files (for a Package)

      Files have been added to or removed from the Package, or their revision has been changed.

    Modifying User

    The User ID of the User who performed the modification.

    Columns marked with the icon sort icon can be sorted alphabetically (ascending or descending).

  5. Compare a specific version with the current version of the object.

    Select the version you want to compare by clicking its number on the Versions panel.

    The Version Comparison panel is added to the right of the Versions panel.

    History Differences

    The Version Comparison panel displays the differences between the current version of the object (shown in the "Current" column) and the selected version of the object (shown in the "Selected" column)

    • The upper part of the Version Comparison panel displays the Version, Modification Date, Modification Type and Modifying User of the two versions that are being compared

    • The lower part displays the object-specific values of the two versions that are being compared, highlighting the fields where there are differences.

      The Version Comparison panel is not displayed for User Group - User Associations nor for Packages. See the example screens below.

Example 1 - User Group - User Association

The panel is replaced with the User Group - User Association panel.

History Differences UserGroupUserAssociation

Example 2 - Modified Files (Packages)

The panel is replaced with the Modified Files panel, displaying which files have been added (green), modified (black) or deleted (red).

History Differences PackagesModifiedFiles